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Parent and Student Testimonials

“Jackson has grown so much as a driver since he's been learning from Mr. Sabb! We are so grateful!!!”
“Thank you again for all of your help in getting licenses for our three children. It has been a joy for them to learn under your excellent program and patience.”
“We are so thankful our last daughter, Merydith, could complete your driver's training class. That is a tremendous legacy you both have developed to be so consistent like that for so long. How many parents can say that ALL of your kids had the same driver's ed teacher as they did?!? So cool.”
“I was worried about Gabriel because he is very shy, but he really enjoyed the class. I think it is great that it is only 2 drivers in the car at a time, because they are really able to focus on what each other is doing.”
“We...think we drive better than everybody else because of your instruction – I'm certainly glad for all of the Upstate drivers who were your students.”
“Mr. and Mrs. Sabb,

Thank you so much. We're so grateful for YOUR class and the work you've done with Ingrid....she got the attention and detailed info she needs, to be a defensive driver and that is what we want! Ingrid is the last child in this family (of three girls)! But I will gladly endorse you for all other teens/parents looking for driver's ed. Thanks once again.”
“Several of us were delighted to see the feature article in November on you! I was one of your summer students at Greenville Tech about 1973. My sister, Susan, and I took from you at the same time. We still quote you and are proud of it!”
“Thanks for getting all our girls through Driver's Ed; they have become mature adult drivers!!”
“It has now been over 15 years since I took Driver's Ed from Mr. Sabb. I was a nervous 15-year-old who was not excited about driving, but Mr. Sabb patiently put me through my paces. He always seemed relaxed when giving instruction even though I am sure my driving left much to be desired. I can still remember the helpful videos we watched and hear him telling me to look as far down the road as I could instead of getting caught up in what was directly ahead of me. I also remember well his saying ‘a quick look is a good look’ when needing to look somewhere other than directly ahead of me. I am thankful for his help in getting me started down the path of good driving.”
“We appreciate the many hours of ‘danger’ you spent teaching our children to drive...All of our four enjoyed their time with you.”
“I appreciate all those patient hours as you instructed me behind the wheel and in the classroom. Your kindness in the way you treated your students was a daily sermon to all who knew you.”
“Thank you for the impact you had on each of my children. I appreciate you and your expertise.”
“Thank you for your years of dedication to driver training...because of your input I have a perfect driving record.”
“You have made a lasting impression on many students both from a Driver's Ed standpoint and a spiritual one...Thanks for teaching my girls to drive – your teaching made a positive impact.”
“I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed Driver's Ed with you...You made it so memorable and, in the meantime, taught me how to drive safely. So far, I've never caused or been in a big accident while driving.”
“Thank you for your investment in the lives of students.”
“You taught me how to drive. I was so terrified of driving and you put my great fears at ease.”
“Thank you so very much for the Driver's Ed memories! I talk of you and your class often.”
“Thanks for teaching both my daughter and me how to drive. I know you remember my fear of driving on the interstate – sorry about that! I've had only one accident (not my fault), and that was on 385 – so not helping that fear.”
“Thank you for putting up with me and teaching me how to drive...You were by far my favorite teacher ever!”
“Thanks for your patient and skillful instruction of me and our children in Driver's Ed.”
“My son, Benjamin, really enjoyed Mr. Sabbadino's Driver's Education Course. In fact, he said Mr. Sabbadino is in his top two favorite teachers of all time! He learned so much in the class! He is so much more confident behind the wheel than he was before the course.”
“Thanks for your infinite patience and thoughtful insights. Your instruction has helped us to stay alive and keep the law on many occasions. Thanks for being such a quality instructor.”
“I can highly recommend Mr. Sabbadino's driver training after having 2 sons take his class. He inspires respect for his knowledge and experience, but my kids also enjoyed their time driving because he keeps it interesting. They wanted to be better drivers and were also well-prepared for the little picky things in the driver's test at the DMV.”
“Thanks so much for investing so much of your life into the lives of your students. I remember so much from your class.”
“My son really enjoyed driving with "Mr. Sabb" When he finished drivers ed, he wished he had more driving sessions. We were very pleased with his progression. He seemed to improve a lot after each lesson.”
“Every time I see you in the driver's education car, I remember what a great and patient teacher you are! Thanks again for ‘steering’ my learning process.”
“Cherith thinks so highly of you and feels that she not only had the best driver instructor, but also came away with a friend. As her mother, it makes me feel so much safer with her on the road, knowing that she had such competent driver training. We brag about you to anyone looking for a Driver's Education Trainer! She passed her driving test with flying colors and felt very well prepared with all that you had shared with her and your personal instructions during the road training. With all your years of experience, your friendly personality, and not to mention getting to drive a 2011 Hyundai...she had an awesome time with you!”
“Thank you for your incredible patience in teaching us greenhorns how to drive!”
“I was amazed at your patience when I was your student and now that I am a mother of three I am even more amazed...Everyone loved your class and had a great respect for your quiet strength.”
“Mr. Sabbadino was a very great driving instructor. I had a fun time and learned a lot.”
“I remember Driver's Ed class and your kind heart and patient approach. Thank you! I'm sure you saved many parents from heart attacks!”
“Thanks for all your hard work teaching us all to drive!”
“Thank you for all your fine work! Blessings to you!”
“We are both thankful for your teaching us Driver's Ed.”
“I think Mr. Sabb's motto says it all. I want my children to ‘make safety first’ and I definitely want them to ‘make safety last’ – or endure – throughout their entire driving experience. Mr. Sabb's course teaches all of that.”
“I just want to say you're the best Mr. Sabb! Thank you so much for teaching me, and it has been awesome getting to know you.”
“I've enjoyed knowing you these past 20 years at the Academy and seeing how your students are so loyal and appreciative of all you've taught them.”
“We remember your class like it was yesterday. You were so kind, thoughtful and fun to have as a teacher. We are happy to say you are a teacher we will never forget!”
“You taught my three kids to drive and they are good drivers.”
“Thank you so much for teaching me Driver's Ed! I have enjoyed this class so much!”
“We just want to let you know that Miranda got her license without any problem. Thank you so much for the help you have been in teaching both our children proper driving skills and the very professional manner you operate your business. You relate very well with youth. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in this way and for being a light on this side of eternity. May God continue to bless you.”
“Thanks for teaching me how to drive and for your great personality! It has been so much fun!”
“Kayla was randomly selected to retake the road test and passed with flying colors because of Mr. [Sabb]!!! No points off so you will have a good record as being a strict tester!”
“I really appreciate what you taught me during my weeks at Driver's Training. Coming into it, I was very nervous, and I was practically forced by my parents. Driving just always seemed scary,but after the first experience of driving with Mr. Sabb, I was completely confident. You really helped me to feel calm and confident about my driving ability, partly due to the fact that you give practical, clear instructions, and also because you yourself have an uncanny ability to be calm with new drivers! (I still don't know how that is possible.) : ) The instruction that I received was practical and helped to become a confident and conscientious driver.”